“Roy Wiegand, Bicyclist on Charity Ride, Struck and Killed on San Miguel Canyon Road”

By | August 1, 2023



A 60-year-old Burbank man named Roy Wiegand was tragically killed in a car accident while on a charity bike ride in Prunedale, California. Wiegand was just a few hundred miles away from completing his 2,500-mile journey to raise money for the Navajo Nation. He was known for his positive and caring nature, and this was not his first charity ride. The collision is still under investigation, but drugs and alcohol do not appear to be factors. Wiegand leaves behind a wife and two children. KION546 reported

Tragic <a href="https://countylocalnews.com/">accident</a> Claims Life of Roy Wiegand, Charity Cyclist

Tragic accident Claims Life of Roy Wiegand, Charity Cyclist

PRUNEDALE, Calif. – A 60-year-old Burbank man, Roy Wiegand, lost his life over the weekend in a devastating accident while cycling on San Miguel Canyon Road in Prunedale.

Wiegand, an avid cyclist and a passionate supporter of various causes, was on a month-long charity ride to raise funds for the Navajo Nation when the accident occurred. He had nearly completed his 2,500-mile journey before tragedy struck.

According to reports from the California Highway Patrol, Wiegand was struck by a truck on Saturday night and was pronounced dead at the scene. His friends describe him as a friendly, positive, and caring person who always brightened up the room.

This was not the first charity ride for Wiegand, as he had previously traveled across parts of the West Coast to support different causes. Each year, he chose a cause to generate press and raise money, and this time, he was dedicated to raising $25,000 for the Navajo Water Project.


With only about 300 miles left to complete his mission, Wiegand’s goal was to provide clean drinking water and solar power to the people in the Navajo Nation. He had already raised over $20,000 during this year’s ride.

Wiegand’s tragic accident has left his friends and the cycling community in shock. The collision is currently under investigation by the California Highway Patrol, but there is no indication of drugs or alcohol being involved.

Despite the devastating loss, Wiegand’s mission and charity work will continue. Those who wish to contribute to the Navajo Water Project can still donate.

Roy Wiegand is survived by his wife and two children.


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