“Ohioans Demand Common Sense Gun Safety: Lawmakers Must Listen”

By | August 1, 2023



A new survey conducted by USA TODAY Network/Suffolk University reveals that the vast majority of Ohioans support common sense gun safety measures, such as mandatory background checks and training for gun buyers. Despite this overwhelming support, Republican lawmakers in the Ohio General Assembly have failed to take action on these issues. Democrats have introduced several bills aimed at improving gun safety, but they have been met with resistance. The survey results serve as a nonpartisan call to action for lawmakers to prioritize the safety of Ohioans and enact sensible gun reforms. shooting/70467523007/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>The Columbus Dispatch reported

Ohioans Want Common Sense Gun Safety Reform

Poll after poll and study after study show that Ohioans, regardless of political affiliation, support common sense gun safety reform. According to a recent USA TODAY Network/Suffolk University survey, approximately nine out of ten Ohioans support mandatory background checks for gun buyers and training requirements for obtaining a concealed weapons permit. These findings demonstrate that gun safety reform is not a fringe idea in Ohio.

However, it is disheartening that the majority of Republican lawmakers in the Ohio General Assembly refuse to listen to the will of the people. Despite overwhelming support from their constituents, they have failed to take action on legislation aimed at making Ohio a safer state.

House Minority Leader Allison Russo, Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther, and other local leaders have urged lawmakers to act on proposed legislation, including House Bill 170, a red-flag law allowing for the temporary removal of firearms from individuals who pose a danger to themselves or others; House Bill 175, which requires safe storage of firearms and provides a tax credit for safety storage equipment; and House Bill 217, which mandates the attachment of gun trigger locks during firearm sales.

These measures are not extreme and do not infringe on anyone’s Second Amendment rights. They are common sense reforms supported by a clear nonpartisan call to action from Ohio voters. It is time for lawmakers to listen to their constituents and take decisive action to reduce gun violence in Ohio.


The survey results also highlight the disconnect between lawmakers and Ohioans. While a significant portion of the surveyed voters support former President Donald Trump, their support for gun safety reform demonstrates their desire for change. It is time for lawmakers to prioritize the safety and well-being of Ohioans by enacting sensible gun safety measures. The people of Ohio are calling for action, and it is high time that lawmakers listen and take steps to make the state safer from gun violence.

Note: This article was written by the Dispatch Opinion Editor Amelia Robinson on behalf of The Dispatch Editorial Board. Editorials represent the board’s fact-based assessment of important issues and do not reflect the opinions of the reporting staff, who strive for neutrality in their reporting..

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