“Lizzo Sued by Former Dancers for Harassment and Hostile Work Environment”

By | August 1, 2023



Grammy-award winning singer Lizzo is facing a lawsuit from three of her former dancers who allege harassment and the creation of a hostile work environment. The complaint, filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, names Lizzo and her production company, as well as the captain of Lizzo’s dance team. The dancers claim sexual, religious, and racial harassment, as well as assault and false imprisonment. The lawsuit also accuses Lizzo of pressuring dancers to participate in a nude photo shoot and attend nude performances. The plaintiffs also allege discrimination against Black members of the team. Lizzo and her representatives have not yet commented on the lawsuit. Kiara Alfonseca reported

Grammy-Award Winning Singer Lizzo Faces Lawsuit Alleging Harassment and Hostile Work Environment

Lizzo, Melissa Viviane Jefferson, and Production Company Sued by Former Dancers

Grammy-award winning singer Lizzo, also known as Melissa Viviane Jefferson, is facing a lawsuit filed by three of her former dancers. The complaint, which was filed on Tuesday in Los Angeles County Superior Court, alleges harassment and the creation of a hostile work environment. Lizzo’s production company, Big Grrrl Big Touring, Inc. (BGBT), and Shirlene Quigley, captain of Lizzo’s dance team, are also named in the complaint.

The dancers, Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, have accused Lizzo and her management team of engaging in various forms of misconduct, including sexual, religious, and racial harassment, disability discrimination, assault, and false imprisonment. The allegations were detailed in a press release issued by the plaintiffs’ attorney, Ron Zambrano.

Claims of Exploitation and Mistreatment

According to the complaint, Lizzo pressured her dancers to participate in a nude photoshoot during her dance competition show, “Watch Out for the Big Grrrls,” which aired on Amazon Prime. The dancers also allege that they were coerced into attending nude performances and touching nude performers at clubs in Amsterdam’s Red Light District. They claim that Lizzo concealed the true nature of these events, misleading them into participating.

In addition, the lawsuit accuses BGBT management of discriminatory practices, specifically targeting the Black members of the dance team in terms of both pay and treatment. Arianna Davis further asserts that Lizzo and her team made negative comments about her weight gain, contributing to a hostile work environment.

Shirlene Quigley, the dance team captain, is also implicated in the complaint. The dancers claim that Quigley preached Christianity and denounced premarital sex in the workplace, while oversharing personal details about her own sex life and masturbation habits with her husband. They accuse Quigley of publicly disclosing a dancer’s virginity in the workplace, as well as in interviews and on social media.

Consequences for the Dancers

The plaintiffs state that Arianna Davis and Crystal Williams were fired, while Noelle Rodriguez resigned due to the alleged toxic workplace climate. Rodriguez described an incident in which Lizzo aggressively approached her, cracking her knuckles and balling her fists. She feared that Lizzo intended to physically harm her if not for the intervention of another dancer.

Lizzo, known for her body positive activism and upbeat pop music promoting self-love, has not yet responded to the allegations. Representatives for Lizzo, BGBT, and Shirlene Quigley have also not commented on the lawsuit.