“Florida Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing Aunt’s Boyfriend in Argument Over Firearm Handling”

By | August 1, 2023



A 22-year-old man in Florida, Joel Thomas Ferrer, has been arrested and charged with second-degree murder after allegedly shooting and killing his aunt’s boyfriend, David Nathaniel Jackson. The incident occurred after an argument about Ferrer’s unsafe handling of a firearm. Witnesses reported hearing gunshots and seeing Ferrer fleeing the scene. Ferrer turned himself in to authorities after two days on the run. He appeared in court and pleaded not guilty, and is scheduled for arraignment on August 29. Law & Crime reported

Florida Man Arrested After shooting Aunt’s Boyfriend Following Argument Over Firearm Safety

A 22-year-old man in Florida has been taken into custody and charged with second-degree murder after allegedly killing his aunt’s boyfriend during a dispute over the safe handling of a firearm. Joel Thomas Ferrer was arrested on Saturday morning following the fatal shooting of 41-year-old David Nathaniel Jackson, according to court documents reviewed by Law&Crime.

The incident took place at the Regency Oaks apartment complex in Castleberry. Police responded to a call about a shooting at the complex and found Jackson lying on the floor with multiple gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at Orlando Regional Medical Center. A witness reported hearing gunshots and saw a man fleeing the scene with a dark-colored backpack.

During interviews with detectives, Trisha Marie Ferrer, who lived in the apartment with the suspect, victim, and her four children, explained that the argument between Jackson and Joel Ferrer escalated in the dining room area. Jackson had expressed his concerns about firearms in the home due to the presence of children. The dispute ended with Joel firing multiple shots at Jackson before fleeing the scene.

Joel Thomas Ferrer turned himself in to authorities after being on the run for two days. He appeared in court on Sunday and is currently being held without bond. His arraignment is scheduled for August 29.

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