“Feeney’s Second Novel Explores the Beauty and Brutality of Western Ireland”

By | August 1, 2023



The Washington Post features a news article about Sarah Feeney, a playwright and poet who has recently published her second novel. Set in western Ireland, where Feeney grew up and is now raising her two sons, the novel explores the complexities and contradictions of the region. Feeney describes the west of Ireland as a place that is both beautiful and difficult, unyielding yet magical. In an interview with the Irish Times, she expressed her desire to stay in the area and portray it honestly, rather than joining the trend of writers leaving for reflection. Feeney’s novel reflects her deep connection to her homeland. Sophia Nguyen reported

Feeney’s Second Novel Explores the Beauty and Brutality of Western Ireland

Renowned playwright and poet, Feeney, has recently released her highly anticipated second novel. Set in the stunning landscapes of western Ireland, the book delves into the complexities of this captivating region. Feeney, who herself grew up in the area and is now raising her two sons in the same house, provides a unique and intimate perspective on the place she calls home.

In an interview with the Irish Times, Feeney reflected on the challenging task of defining the west of Ireland. She described it as a place of both beauty and difficulty, unyielding yet magical. It is a land that holds a certain brutality, but also an undeniable allure. Despite its complexities, Feeney expressed her unwavering connection to the region, stating, “I will die here.”

Feeney’s decision to remain in western Ireland is a deliberate effort to challenge the trend of writers leaving in search of inspiration. She aims to authentically portray the essence of the place she knows so well, shunning the need for reflection from a distance. By staying rooted in the land that shaped her, Feeney hopes to speak honestly about its intricacies and capture its true spirit in her work.

The Enigmatic West of Ireland

Western Ireland is a place of contradictions, where rugged landscapes meet breathtaking beauty. Its unique blend of enchanting allure and harsh realities make it a challenging subject to define. Feeney’s novel dives into this enigma, exploring the multifaceted nature of the region.

The west of Ireland is renowned for its stunning natural landscapes, from majestic cliffs overlooking the Atlantic Ocean to rolling green hills dotted with cozy cottages. The beauty of the region has inspired countless artists, writers, and poets throughout history. Feeney, with her deep connection to the land, captures this beauty in her novel, painting vivid pictures of the awe-inspiring scenery.


However, behind its picturesque facade, the west of Ireland holds a darker side. The region’s history is marked by the struggle for independence, famine, and economic hardship. Feeney delves into these difficult aspects, shedding light on the unyielding nature of the land and its impact on the people who call it home.

Navigating the Complexity of Home

Feeney’s personal experience of growing up and raising her children in the same house in western Ireland provides a unique perspective on the concept of home. The close proximity to her childhood memories and the challenges of daily life in the region create a sense of claustrophobia that Feeney acknowledges.

Despite this, Feeney embraces the complexities of her home, recognizing the difficulties in defining it. The west of Ireland, with its ever-changing moods and unpredictable nature, mirrors the intricacies of life itself. Through her writing, Feeney navigates these complexities, offering readers a glimpse into the true essence of western Ireland.

A Refreshing Take on a Beloved Region

Feeney’s second novel is a breath of fresh air for literature enthusiasts and fans of Ireland alike. With her SEO-optimized storytelling, she captures the hearts and minds of readers, taking them on a journey through the captivating landscapes and emotional depths of the west of Ireland.

By staying true to her roots and refusing to be influenced by the trend of writers leaving, Feeney brings a genuine and honest voice to her work. Through her novel, she invites readers to experience the beauty, difficulty, and magic of western Ireland in a way that only she can convey.

Feeney’s novel is a testament to the power of place and the profound impact it can have on an individual. Her ability to navigate the complexities of home while authentically portraying the west of Ireland makes her work a must-read for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of this captivating region.


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