“Black Family Falsely Accused of Car Theft in Traumatizing Police Encounter”

By | August 1, 2023



A Black family visiting from Arkansas was pulled over by police in a Dallas suburb, who incorrectly believed their car was stolen. Body camera footage showed the family being subjected to a “high-risk traffic stop,” with guns drawn and emotional confrontations. The police realized their mistake when they discovered they had entered the wrong license plate information. The incident has prompted an investigation by the police department, who acknowledged their mistake and vowed to learn from it. The family expressed their fear and trauma during the encounter. Taiyler S. Mitchell reported

Police Department in Suburb North of Dallas Pulls Over Black Family in Case of Mistaken Identity

In a harrowing incident captured on body camera footage, a police department in a suburb north of Dallas mistakenly pulled over a Black family visiting from Little Rock, Arkansas, believing their black Dodge Charger was a stolen vehicle. The Frisco Police Department began tracking the car as it left a hotel parking lot, drawing attention due to its out-of-state plates and the fact that Chargers are considered high-theft vehicles.

The incident escalated into what the police described as a “high-risk traffic stop” on the Dallas North Tollway. With guns drawn, the police ordered the 28-year-old nurse who was driving to exit the vehicle, leaving her terrified and questioning what she had done wrong. The family, which included the woman’s husband, son, and nephew, faced a traumatic situation as they were forced out of the car and made to walk towards the police with their hands in the air.

Fortunately, no one was physically harmed during the incident. However, the emotional toll on the family was immense. It was later discovered that the officer involved had mistakenly entered the license plate as one from Arizona instead of Arkansas. Once this error was realized, the officers apologized to the family and admitted their mistake. Frisco Police Chief David Shilson expressed his empathy and assured the family that the department would take full accountability for the incident.

This incident highlights the need for improved training and awareness to prevent similar situations in the future. The Frisco Police Department has committed to investigating the incident and learning from their mistakes to uphold the high standard of service they provide to the community..


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