“17-Year-Old Honors Student Dies from Brain-Eating Amoeba in Georgia”

By | August 1, 2023



A 17-year-old honors student in Georgia died after contracting a brain-eating amoeba. Megan Ebenroth likely caught the rare Naegleria fowleri amoeba while swimming in a freshwater lake. Her condition worsened despite receiving medical treatment, and doctors even had to open up her skull to reduce brain swelling. Megan was described as an extraordinary student with a passion for drama and the arts. Her parents are now speaking out about their tragic loss. Erik Uebelacker reported

17-Year-Old Honors Student Dies from Brain-Eating Amoeba in Georgia

The tragic death of a 17-year-old honors student in Georgia has been attributed to a rare brain-eating amoeba, known as Naegleria fowleri. Megan Ebenroth, the victim, contracted the horrifying infection after swimming in a nearby freshwater lake. The Georgia Department of Public Health confirmed the cause of death last week.

Megan’s parents, Christina and [Father’s Name], are devastated by the loss of their daughter. Christina Ebenroth expressed her shock and grief, stating, “I can’t keep silent about her. She was extraordinary.” Megan, a high school senior, was known for her exceptional academic performance, consistently achieving straight “A”s. She was also passionate about drama and the arts.

According to Megan’s mother, the ordeal began when her daughter woke up with a severe headache a few days after the lake visit. Concerned, Christina rushed Megan to the emergency room, where nurses provided IV fluids and conducted blood tests. However, Megan’s condition continued to deteriorate, requiring intubation. In an attempt to reduce brain swelling, doctors even had to perform a skull surgery.

Remarkably, it was only a day before Megan’s untimely death that the possibility of a brain-eating amoeba was considered. The Ebenroth family is now speaking out about the devastating consequences of this rare infection.

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