Trader Joe’s Issues Third Food Recall in a Week, Fully Cooked Falafel May Contain Rocks

By | July 31, 2023



Trader Joe’s has issued another food recall, this time for its Fully Cooked Falafel product, as it may contain rocks. The falafel was sold in stores in 34 states and Washington D.C., and unsold boxes have already been destroyed. Trader Joe’s advises customers not to consume the product and to return it for a full refund. This is the third recall in a week for the supermarket chain, following recalls for almond cookies and broccoli cheddar soup. Trader Joe’s spokesperson stated that the company takes quick and aggressive action to ensure product safety. Customers with questions can contact Trader Joe’s directly. Khristopher J. Brooks reported

Trader Joe’s Issues Third Food Recall in a Week Due to Rock Contamination

Trader Joe’s, a popular supermarket chain, has recently issued its third food recall in a week, warning customers about the potential presence of rocks in its Fully Cooked Falafel product. The company has urged customers not to consume the affected product and has offered a full refund or product return option.

The recall affects the falafel product sold in Trader Joe’s stores across 34 states and Washington D.C. To ensure customer safety, the unsold boxes of the item have already been destroyed.

In a statement, Trader Joe’s emphasized its commitment to product safety, stating that it takes proactive measures to address any potential issues. The company’s spokesperson, Nakia Rohde, highlighted that Trader Joe’s doesn’t rely solely on regulatory agencies and takes immediate action to investigate and remove any products that raise concerns about safety or quality.

Customers who have purchased or received the Fully Cooked Falafel are advised to contact Trader Joe’s at (626) 599-3817 or via email for further assistance or to initiate the refund process.

This recall follows two previous recalls within the same week. Trader Joe’s recently recalled two varieties of almond cookies due to potential rock contamination. Additionally, the company recalled approximately 11,000 cases of broccoli cheddar soup because of the presence of insects in the frozen broccoli florets.


The soup, manufactured by Winter Gardens Quality Foods of New Oxford, Pa., was distributed to Trader Joe’s stores in seven states, including California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington.

Trader Joe’s continuously strives to prioritize customer safety and promptly responds to any concerns regarding its products. The company believes in taking swift and decisive action to ensure the safety and quality of its offerings, even in the absence of regulatory directives.

For more information or any queries related to the recall, customers can reach out to Trader Joe’s through the provided contact details.

About Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is a renowned supermarket chain known for its unique and affordable offerings. The company aims to provide customers with high-quality products while maintaining a pleasant shopping experience. With a commitment to product safety and quality, Trader Joe’s proactively addresses any potential issues to ensure customer satisfaction.

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