“Alejandro Martinez, Sheriff’s Recruit Hit by SUV During Training, Dies”

By | July 30, 2023



A Los Angeles County sheriff’s recruit who was hit by an SUV during a training run last year has died. Alejandro Martinez fought for his life for the past eight months but was unable to survive his injuries. The incident occurred when 75 recruits were running in formation and an SUV veered into them, injuring 25 cadets. The SUV driver was initially arrested but later released as more investigation was needed. KION546 reported

LOS ANGELES County sheriff’s recruit tragically dies months after being struck by SUV during training run

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Alejandro Martinez, a Los Angeles County sheriff’s recruit who was involved in a devastating accident during a training run last year, has sadly passed away, according to authorities.

For the past eight months, Martinez fought tirelessly for his life, but unfortunately, he was unable to fulfill his calling of helping others, as stated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department in a recent statement. The department mourns his loss and assures that he will forever be remembered and cherished in their hearts.

The incident occurred in November last year when approximately 75 recruits, including members from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and various local police agencies, were running in formation on a street in Whittier, a Los Angeles suburb. Tragedy struck when an SUV veered into the group, causing injuries to 25 cadets.

The SUV driver, a 22-year-old man from suburban Diamond Bar, sustained minor injuries. Initially arrested for investigation, he was later released as further investigation was deemed necessary. The driver’s attorney emphasized that there was no animosity towards law enforcement and described the incident as a tragic accident.

This unfortunate incident highlights the risks and challenges faced by law enforcement recruits during their training. The loss of Alejandro Martinez serves as a poignant reminder of their dedication and the sacrifices they make to protect and serve their communities..