of Pompey, New York, dies by suicide after stabbing her three children.

By | July 29, 2023



of Pompey, New York, tragically took her own life after stabbing her three teenage children. Stearns, a Physiotherapist, was identified as the suspect in this heartbreaking incident. The motive behind the attack remains unknown. Authorities are investigating the case further to gather more information. This shocking event has left the community in mourning and has raised concerns about mental health support for individuals facing difficult circumstances. shooting-after-stabbing-her-3-children-obituary/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>SNBC13.com reported

Joan Stearns Death: Physiotherapist Mother Found dead after Tragic Incident

Image of Joan Stearns

A devastating tragedy unfolded in Pompey, New York, as a well-respected physiotherapist and loving mother, Joan Stearns, was found dead in her home. According to authorities, she took her own life after a disturbing incident involving her three teenage children.

Shocking Turn of Events

The tight-knit community of Pompey was left in shock and disbelief as news spread about the tragic death of Joan Stearns. Known for her dedication to her profession and her role as a caring mother, nobody expected such a horrifying turn of events.

The Suspected Suicide

Authorities have confirmed that Joan Stearns tragically ended her own life. The circumstances leading up to this heartbreaking decision involved a distressing incident where she stabbed her three teenage children. The exact motive behind this act remains unknown, leaving investigators and loved ones searching for answers.

A Respected Physiotherapist

Joan Stearns was highly regarded in her field as a physiotherapist. Her expertise and passion for helping others led her to establish a reputable practice in Pompey, where she was known for her dedication and commitment to her patients’ well-being.

A Loving Mother

In addition to her professional accomplishments, Joan Stearns was a devoted mother to her three teenage children. Friends and neighbors remember her as a caring and involved parent, always putting her children’s needs first. The shocking nature of this tragedy has left the community grappling with the loss of a beloved mother.

Community Support

In the wake of this devastating incident, the community of Pompey has come together to provide support and comfort to the Stearns family. Grief counselors have been made available to help friends and classmates of the affected children cope with the emotional aftermath.

Honoring Joan Stearns’ Memory

As the community mourns the loss of Joan Stearns, plans are underway to create a memorial in her honor. The memorial will serve as a lasting tribute to her contributions as a physiotherapist and her unwavering love for her children.

This tragic event serves as a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and the need for support systems within communities. It is crucial that individuals facing emotional struggles reach out for help and that communities remain vigilant in identifying signs of distress.