“Farm Workers Injured in Accident Returning from Potato Field: Road Safety Concerns Rise”

By | July 29, 2023



At least 12 farm workers in the Kurdistan Region’s Akre district were injured in a single-vehicle accident while returning from a potato field. The accident involved a 24-passenger bus that swerved off the road to avoid colliding with another vehicle. Fortunately, all injured individuals are in stable condition with no fatalities reported. This incident highlights the need for road safety measures as it is the third major accident in the region this month. Factors such as mobile phone usage, excessive speeding, and failure to wear seatbelts contribute to fatal accidents, emphasizing the importance of promoting road safety practices. accident-in-kurdistan-regions-akre-district/” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>BNN Breaking reported

A single-vehicle accident in Duhok Province, Kurdistan Region, left 12 farm workers injured as they were returning from a potato field in the Bardarash sub-district. The incident occurred when their 24-passenger bus swerved off the road to avoid colliding with another vehicle nearby. Fortunately, all the injured workers are in stable condition, and no fatalities have been reported.

Harvesting Season Incident: Farm Workers Injured on Return

A group of farm workers, actively involved in the harvesting season in the Bardarash sub-district of Akre, Kurdistan Region, were returning from a potato field when the accident took place. While traveling in a 24-passenger bus, the vehicle veered off the road to prevent a collision with another nearby vehicle. This sudden swerving caused injuries to 12 individuals on board.

Rising Concerns for Road Safety After Several Accidents

This recent accident near Duhok Province marks the third major incident reported in the region this month. In mid-July, another car crash resulted in 30 casualties, including fatalities. Furthermore, four individuals lost their lives in a separate accident around the same time in the vicinity of Duhok. The recurrence of such incidents has raised concerns about road safety in the Kurdistan Region, leading authorities to take measures to improve safety on the roads.

Identifying Causes and Preventive Measures for Fatal Accidents

Available data suggests that mobile phone usage and excessive speeding are the primary contributing factors to fatal accidents in the region. In addition, the failure to adhere to safety measures such as wearing seatbelts is a significant concern. Reports from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveal that using seatbelts can reduce death rates by 45% and serious injuries by 50%. These statistics emphasize the importance of promoting road safety practices among both drivers and passengers.