“Kidnapped Woman Found Safe; Ex-Boyfriend Arrested for Assault and Threats”

By | July 28, 2023



A woman in Aurora, Colorado, reported that her ex-boyfriend, Lance Foster, kidnapped her and assaulted her, according to court documents. She stated that Foster punched and kicked her before threatening to burn down her trailer if she didn’t go with him. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation issued an Endangered Missing Alert for the woman, but she was later found safe. Foster was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, robbery, and domestic violence. Witnesses reported seeing Foster throw a rock at the woman’s trailer window and heard her screaming for help. Janet Oravetz (9News) reported

Woman Kidnapped and Assaulted by Ex-Boyfriend in Aurora

A woman in Aurora, Colorado, was the victim of a horrifying assault and kidnapping by her ex-boyfriend, Lance Foster. According to court documents, the victim reported that Foster punched her, threw her to the ground, and kicked her in the head before making threats against her and her property.

The incident came to light when a friend of the woman called the police to report that Foster had shown up at her trailer and vandalized it by throwing rocks at the windows. The witness also reported that Foster had damaged his car. The police arrived at the scene and attempted to pursue Foster, who was driving away in a black sedan. However, Foster managed to escape.

Further investigations revealed that the woman had been kidnapped by Foster. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation issued an Endangered Missing Alert for her, and she was eventually found safe. Foster was later apprehended in Wheat Ridge on charges of kidnapping, robbery, and domestic violence.

According to witnesses, they heard the woman scream for help and saw her being assaulted by Foster. One witness even reported seeing the woman wave her hand out of the car window, desperately seeking assistance. The woman’s son also received a call from her, informing him that she had been kidnapped. The location data from their phones indicated that they were both near an address in Wheat Ridge associated with Foster.

Deputies went to the address and found the victim in Foster’s apartment. She had been pleading with him to let her go, but he refused. Eventually, she resorted to “playing along” in an effort to escape. Foster was subsequently taken into custody.

This shocking incident highlights the serious issue of domestic violence and the importance of taking immediate action to protect victims. It serves as a reminder that anyone experiencing abuse should reach out for help and support.

Next, Foster is due to appear in court on Tuesday to face the charges against him.