Adam Mosseri Threads Growth, Instagram Mistakes” : “Adam Mosseri on Growing Threads to 100M Users & Instagram’s Big Mistake

Adam Mosseri on Growing Threads to 100M Users and Instagram’s Biggest Mistake

Adam Mosseri’s Insights: Growing Threads to 100M Users and Learning from Instagram’s Biggest Mistake

Adam Mosseri: An Influential Figure in the Tech World

Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, is a potent force in the tech industry. His leadership has led to significant growth and development of the social networking platform. Recently, Mosseri shared valuable insights on how they managed to grow Threads, a standalone app by Instagram, to 100 million users. Additionally, he shared lessons from Instagram’s biggest mistake. Let’s delve deeper into his insights.

Growing Threads to 100M Users

Threads is an app designed by Instagram to help users stay connected with their close friends. Its fast success is credited to Mosseri’s leadership and the dedicated team at Instagram. Growing Threads to 100 million users was no easy task, but Mosseri highlighted a few key strategies that helped achieve this milestone.

Understanding the Audience

One of the significant strategies Mosseri emphasized was understanding the audience. Instagram’s users are primarily young people who value their privacy. The development of Threads was based on this understanding. It was designed to allow users to share content with their close friends list, providing a more private space for sharing moments.

Simple and User-Friendly Interface

Threads was designed with a simple and user-friendly interface, enabling users to navigate through the application easily. This simplicity has undoubtedly played a significant role in attracting and retaining users.

Effective Communication

Instagram’s team ensured effective communication with their users. They listened to feedback and made necessary adjustments to Threads, making it more user-friendly and appealing to users. This approach fostered a sense of community, encouraging more people to use Threads.

Learning from Instagram’s Biggest Mistake

While Instagram has experienced significant growth and success, it has not been without challenges. Mosseri acknowledged one of the biggest mistakes they made at Instagram.

Not Prioritizing the Well-being of Users

According to Mosseri, Instagram’s biggest mistake was not prioritizing the well-being of its users earlier in its development. The company did not anticipate the impact the platform would have on users’ mental health, particularly among teenagers. In hindsight, Mosseri admitted that Instagram should have paid more attention to these issues, focusing on creating a safer and healthier online space.

Changing the Narrative

Moving forward, Mosseri stated that Instagram is now committed to focusing more on the mental health of its users. The company plans to implement new features aimed at protecting users from online bullying and other forms of online harassment. Instagram is also exploring ways to reduce the pressure of social comparison, which often leads to feelings of inadequacy among users.


Adam Mosseri’s insights highlight the importance of understanding the audience, simplicity, effective communication, and prioritizing users’ wellbeing in the tech industry. As Instagram continues to grow, these principles will likely continue to guide its strategies, policies, and innovations. The lessons from Instagram’s biggest mistake also serve as a crucial reminder for tech companies to prioritize the wellbeing of their users in their operations.

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