“39-Year-Old Man from Greendale, Wisconsin Dies in Tragic Accident at Walt Disney World Resort”

A man died at Disney’s Contemporary Resort in Bay Lake, Florida. The incident occurred early in the morning, and the man was found unresponsive on hotel grounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The victim, a 39-year-old man from Wisconsin, reportedly fell from a hotel room balcony. Authorities have not released any further information at this time. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office and the medical examiner’s office are investigating the incident. This is a developing story. FOX 35 Orlando reported

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A fatality occurred at a Walt Disney World resort on Wednesday, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Office as reported by FOX 35 News. 

The incident took place shortly after 5:33 a.m. at Disney’s Contemporary Resort. Law enforcement authorities were alerted to an unresponsive individual found on the hotel premises. 

Unfortunately, the individual was pronounced dead at the scene. The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has refrained from releasing further details at this time. 

According to FOX News, the Orange County Medical Examiner has identified the victim as a 39-year-old man from Greendale, Wisconsin. The victim reportedly suffered an accidental fall from a hotel room balcony. 

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FOX 35 News has made efforts to obtain more information from Walt Disney World and the medical examiner’s office.

Please note that this is a developing story.