“36-Year-Old Richmond Man Ravinder Samra Identified as Shooting Victim”

By | July 28, 2023



A 36-year-old Richmond man, Ravinder Samra, was identified as the victim of a fatal shooting in Richmond on July 27. The shooting is believed to be targeted and related to the B.C. gang conflict, according to the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT). Samra, a known resident to police, was found with gunshot wounds and succumbed to his injuries at the scene. A car found engulfed in flames near the shooting location is believed to be connected to the incident. IHIT is urging witnesses and those with information to come forward. shooting-7340735″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Vikki Hui reported

Richmond Man Identified as Victim in Fatal shooting

A 36-year-old man from Richmond has been identified as the victim of a fatal shooting that occurred on Thursday. The Integrated Homicide Investigation Team (IHIT) believes that the incident, which took place on July 27, may be linked to the ongoing gang conflict in British Columbia.

The victim, identified as Ravinder Samra, was a known resident of Richmond who had previous encounters with law enforcement. On the day of the shooting, Richmond RCMP and BC Emergency Health Services responded to reports of gunfire on Minler Road near Blundell and Gilbert roads. They discovered Samra at the scene around 5:45 p.m., suffering from gunshot wounds. Unfortunately, Samra succumbed to his injuries and passed away at the scene.

During the investigation, a car engulfed in flames was found on Blundell Road near Highway 99, which is believed to be connected to the shooting. IHIT is urging anyone with information related to the incident to come forward, and they are particularly interested in speaking with witnesses or obtaining dashcam or CCTV footage from the 8000 block of Minler Road between 2 and 6 p.m., as well as from the 12000 block of Blundell Road between 5 and 6 p.m. on July 27.

Cpl. Sukhi Dhesi, spokesperson for IHIT, stated, “These are unsettling incidents for members of our community. I urge anyone who wishes to talk to someone to contact Victim Services and IHIT investigators.”

The investigation is still in its early stages, and IHIT is working diligently to gather evidence and piece together the events leading up to the shooting. They have set up an information line and encourage anyone with information to reach out to them by calling 1-877-551-IHIT (4448) or by sending an email to ihitinfo@rcmp-grc.gc.ca.