“Colorado Springs Woman, Son, and Sister Found Dead at Remote Campsite in Mountains”

By | July 26, 2023



Three bodies were found at a remote campsite in Gunnison County, Colorado. The deceased individuals, identified as Rebecca Vance, Christine Vance, and Rebecca’s 14-year-old son, were apparently trying to live off the grid. They had set up a long-term camp near the Fossil Ridge Wilderness and were found by a hiker near the Gold Creek Campground. Authorities speculate that they may have died from exposure to the elements or malnutrition. No evidence of foul play was found, and the cause of death is yet to be determined. Bruce Finley reported

A tragic incident unfolded in the mountains of Colorado last winter when a woman, her son, and her sister lost their lives while attempting to “live off the grid.” The decomposed bodies of Rebecca Vance, 42, Christine Vance, 41, and Rebecca’s 14-year-old son were found at a campsite near a wilderness area northeast of Gunnison. Although a final toxicology analysis is pending, Gunnison County Coroner Michael Barnes confirmed their identities.

The trio, former residents of Colorado Springs, embarked on their journey in late July the previous year with the intention of living off the grid. Their exact destination was unknown, but family members revealed that they trusted their judgment. Unfortunately, their adventure took a tragic turn.

The first body was discovered on July 9 by a hiker in a forest near the Gold Creek Campground, approximately 7 miles from Ohio City. Sheriff’s deputies swiftly arrived at the scene and soon discovered two more bodies. Strikingly, no vehicle was found at the campsite, indicating that the women and the boy had set up a long-term camp.

According to Barnes, the family had attempted to endure the harsh winter conditions but likely succumbed to exposure or malnutrition after running out of food. The absence of foul play suggests that their deaths were not the result of any criminal activity.

Authorities are still awaiting the official cause and manner of death, but it is evident that this ill-fated attempt to live off the grid had devastating consequences. The incident serves as a reminder of the challenges and risks associated with such endeavors, particularly in harsh wilderness environments.


As the investigation continues, the community mourns the loss of these three individuals. Their tragic fate should prompt reflection on the importance of preparedness, knowledge, and caution when venturing into the wilderness..

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