“Intellectually Disabled Inmate’s Death Investigated by FBI”

By | July 25, 2023



The FBI has launched an investigation into the death of an intellectually disabled inmate at a Virginia prison, who is believed to be a possible victim of a crime. Charles Givens, who was serving time for murder at the Marion Correctional Treatment Center, was found unresponsive at the facility in February 2022. A federal lawsuit filed by Givens’ sister alleges that he was “sadistically tortured” and beaten by correctional officers before his death.

The FBI’s involvement in the case was revealed in an email from an FBI victim specialist to Givens’ sister’s attorney. The email stated that the case is currently under investigation and that the FBI cannot provide details about its progress at this time. The news of the investigation has been welcomed by Givens’ sister, who hopes that it will lead to justice for her brother.

Givens’ death and the conditions at the Marion Correctional Treatment Center have raised broader questions about the treatment of inmates with mental health issues. The lawsuit alleges that Givens had suffered routine abuse at the facility and that he was a target of the correctional officers’ abuse due to his intellectual disabilities and Crohn’s disease.

The lawsuit also claims that Givens had been hospitalized multiple times for injuries suggestive of correctional officer abuse and neglect. In the last year of his life, he was taken to the emergency room four times for treatment of hypothermia.

The FBI investigation and the lawsuit against the correctional officers shed light on the need for improved conditions and treatment of inmates with mental health issues in prisons. The allegations of abuse and neglect underscore the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of all inmates, regardless of their intellectual abilities or health conditions.

As the investigation unfolds, it is hoped that justice will be served, and that steps will be taken to address the issues raised by Givens’ case. The ultimate goal should be to create a prison system that is humane, fair, and focused on rehabilitation rather than punishment..