“83-year-old Kenneth Golden Dies in Two-Vehicle Crash on Highway 8”

By | July 25, 2023



An 83-year-old man named Kenneth Golden from Amery, Wisconsin, has died after a two-vehicle crash on July 23rd. The crash occurred on Highway 8, just south of Balsam Lake. When authorities arrived at the scene, they found Golden trapped in his car. First responders used the jaws of life to free him, and he was airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, Golden later succumbed to his injuries. Alex Loroff reported

A tragic incident occurred on July 23rd when a two-vehicle crash took place on Highway 8, just south of Balsam Lake in Wisconsin. The Wisconsin state patrol reported that the crash happened just after 3:30 PM.

Upon reaching the accident site, troopers discovered one of the drivers trapped inside their vehicle. First responders quickly utilized the jaws of life to extricate the individual from the wreckage. The injured driver was then airlifted to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Sadly, the driver, identified as 83-year-old Kenneth Golden from Amery, succumbed to his injuries and passed away at the hospital. The loss of life is a somber reminder of the devastating consequences that can result from car accidents.

Car crashes are incredibly distressing events, not only for those involved but also for their families and the wider community. They serve as a reminder of the importance of safe driving practices and the need to remain vigilant on the roads.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, it is crucial for authorities to thoroughly investigate the circumstances surrounding the crash. Understanding the cause of the accident can help prevent similar incidents in the future and promote road safety.

Our thoughts and condolences go out to the family and friends of Kenneth Golden during this difficult time. Losing a loved one is never easy, and we hope they find the strength to cope with their loss.

It is essential that we all prioritize safety on the roads, ensuring that we drive responsibly, obey traffic laws, and remain aware of our surroundings. By doing so, we can help prevent accidents and protect the lives of ourselves and others..

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