“Murder-Suicide in York County Leaves Couple Dead”

By | July 24, 2023




div> is an HTML element that is used to create a division or section in a web page. It is a container that allows you to group and organize content within a webpage.

In the given article, the


div> element is used multiple times to structure and organize the content. It is used to wrap different sections of the article, such as the headline, social branding, and article content.

The article begins with a headline that states “Police: Couple dead after murder-suicide in York County.” This headline is wrapped in a



div> element with the class “article-headline,” which helps to style and position the headline on the page.

Below the headline, there is a section for social branding, which includes the logo of the news source and the date of the article. This section is also wrapped in a


div> element with the class “article-social-branding.”

Further down in the article, there is a paragraph that provides details about the murder-suicide incident. This paragraph is wrapped in a


div> element with the class “article-content–body-text.”



div> element is a versatile and commonly used element in HTML. It allows web developers to create structured layouts and organize content on a webpage. By using


div> elements, it becomes easier to apply styling and formatting to different sections of a webpage..