“Tragic Accident Claims Lives of Two Miners in Coahuila, Mexico”

By | July 19, 2023



A tragic accident at a coal mine in Coahuila, Mexico has claimed the lives of two miners. The incident occurred when a cable broke, causing the miners to fall into the extraction pit. The mine is owned by La Fuga mining company and is located in El Mezquite ejido of Sabinas municipality.

The initial reports suggest that the accident was caused by the rupture of a steel cable, possibly due to wear and tear. The workers at the site immediately reported the disaster and requested help. Three miners were trapped in the container that they used to enter the extraction zone.

A rescue operation was quickly deployed, with the Mexican Army, the National Guard, and Civil Protection all participating. The objective was to rescue the trapped miners. However, only one of them, Luis Alberto Cortez Robles, was rescued alive. He suffered injuries from the fall and was immediately transferred to receive medical attention. Unfortunately, the other two miners, José Guadalupe Esparza Pérez and Juan Jesús Zapata Alfaro, were found dead after an intense rescue effort.

The cause of the accident has been confirmed by Carlos Zapata, a rescuer and father of one of the deceased miners. He ruled out any other risks in the work area. The Attorney General’s Office of Coahuila is now collecting information to initiate investigations and determine possible responsibilities.

The authorities have secured the area to carry out forensic work and report to the relevant federal authorities, such as the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare. This tragic accident adds to a series of fatal mining accidents that have occurred in Coahuila, Mexico’s main coal-producing region.

Mining accidents are unfortunately not uncommon, and they highlight the need for strict safety regulations and regular maintenance of equipment in the mining industry. The loss of lives in such accidents is a reminder of the dangers faced by workers in this field. It is essential for authorities to conduct thorough investigations and take appropriate measures to prevent similar accidents in the future..