“Tragedy Strikes as 9-Month-Old Boy and 2-Year-Old Sister Swept Away in Flooding”

By | July 18, 2023



The search for two missing children continues after they were swept away in a flash flood in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The incident occurred on Saturday when the family was driving to a barbecue and their car got trapped in the rising waters near Hough’s Creek. The children’s mother, Katie Seley, was found dead on Sunday, while the father, grandmother, and another sibling were able to escape the car and survive.

The missing children have been identified as 2-year-old Matilda “Mattie” Sheils and 9-month-old Conrad Sheils. The family, originally from Charleston, South Carolina, was visiting relatives in Bucks County when the tragedy occurred. The creek overflowed due to torrential rains, causing the car to be swept away.

Search and rescue teams have been deployed to find the missing children. The search effort has been massive, with over 75 crew members involved, and is expected to grow to over 100 people. K-9 units, divers, aircraft, and drones are being used to aid in the search. The entire creek is being searched in hopes of finding the missing children.

In addition to the missing children, four other people have been confirmed dead in the flooding. The victims, identified by the Bucks County Coroner’s Office, died from drowning.

Governor Phil Murphy has declared a state of emergency in Warren County, New Jersey, due to flooding in that area as well. The heavy rains have caused damage, including toppling trees, landslides, and washed-away roads.

The search for the missing children is ongoing, and officials are urging everyone to keep the families in their thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. The community is coming together to support the family, and rescue teams are doing everything they can to find the missing children and provide closure for the grieving family..