“Pray for the Return: Missing Children and Mother Identified in Deadly Flash Flood Tragedy”

By | July 18, 2023



A family from South Carolina is facing a heartbreaking tragedy as they search for their missing nine-month-old boy and two-year-old girl who were caught in deadly flash flooding in eastern Pennsylvania over the weekend. The Upper Makefield Township Police Department is continuing their search for Conrad and Matilda “Mattie” Sheils, while the family is asking the public to pray for their safe return.

The incident occurred when the Sheils family, who were visiting the area, got caught in a flash flood while on their way to a barbecue. The father and their four-year-old son were able to find safety, but the mother and grandmother, who were trying to save the two younger children, were swept away by the floodwaters. Sadly, the mother, identified as Katie Seley, was one of the five people who died in the flooding.

In a statement, the Sheils family expressed their gratitude for the efforts of the emergency personnel who have been tirelessly searching for the missing children. They asked for continued prayers for the safe return of Conrad and Mattie and for the safety of those involved in the search.

The deaths in Pennsylvania were described by the police as a mass casualty incident unlike anything they had seen before. The other victims were identified as individuals from the local area and a nearby town.

Police emphasized that the family did not drive into a flooded roadway but were caught off guard by the suddenness and force of the floodwaters. They also mentioned that the search operation conducted in the area did not yield any results in finding the missing children.

As the community mourns the loss of lives and hopes for the safe return of the missing children, it is a reminder of the devastating power of nature and the importance of preparedness and vigilance in the face of severe weather events..