Tragic Landslide Claims Lives of Victims in North Gyeongsang

By | July 16, 2023



The recent heavy downpours in South Korea have caused devastating landslides and floods, resulting in the loss of many lives and destruction of cultural heritage sites. One of the hardest-hit regions was North Gyeongsang, where the death toll has now reached 17 as of Sunday morning. Two more bodies were found later in the day, potentially bringing the death toll up to 19.

Among the victims was a 67-year-old man who tragically died while trying to save his 25-year-old daughter from a landslide in Yeongju, North Gyeongsang. Eyewitnesses reported that the man was working on a ditch filled with rainwater and leaves when he heard a thunderous noise caused by a massive landslide falling on his house. Despite his efforts to save his family, he was unable to escape as a pile of dirt fell on top of him.

In another incident, a 68-year-old resident of a village in Gimcheon-myeon, Yecheon County, described the terrifying experience of a “tsunami in a mountain” as huge boulders, unrooted trees, and a wave of dirt fell with thunderous noise. A father and son were sleeping in their house at the bottom of the hill when it was swept away. While the son survived with an injured leg, the father has yet to be found.

In addition to the loss of lives, the heavy rains also caused damage to cultural heritage sites. A national treasure, a two-meter-tall stone pagoda in Sincheon-ri, Yeonggwang, broke off, and the Gongsanseong fortress in Gonju, South Chungcheong, was submerged in water.

The government and rescue teams are working tirelessly to search for missing individuals and provide aid to affected areas. As the country mourns the lives lost and the destruction caused by these natural disasters, it is crucial to prioritize safety measures and preparedness to mitigate the impact of future heavy downpours..