“Manhunt Ends: Georgia Shooting Suspect Killed in Police Shootout”

By | July 16, 2023



The manhunt for the suspect involved in the fatal shooting of four people in Georgia has come to an end. Andre Longmore, 40, was killed in a shootout with police on Sunday afternoon, finally bringing an end to the 24-hour search. Longmore had gone on the run after allegedly gunning down three men and one woman in the suburb of Hampton, south of Atlanta.

During the exchange of gunfire, two police officers were wounded, but they are expected to survive. The suspect’s death has brought relief to the local community and law enforcement agencies. Henry County Sheriff Reginald Scandrett said, “The citizens of Hampton, the county of Henry, the Metro Atlanta area, and the entire state of Georgia can breathe a little easier tonight that this suspect is off the streets.”

Authorities began searching for Longmore on Saturday morning after the shooting took place in a subdivision in Hampton. Scott Leavitt, 67, Shirley Leavitt, 66, Steve Blizzard, 65, and Ronald Jeffers, 66, were identified as the victims. One witness, Frankie Worth, described the gunman as calm and casual before fleeing the scene.

Longmore stole a vehicle belonging to one of the victims after the attack. A tipster spotted the vehicle on Sunday afternoon, leading to the police locating the suspect. The subsequent shootout resulted in Longmore’s death.

The incident has shocked the small city of Hampton, which had not experienced a homicide since 2018. The community is now relieved that the suspect has been taken off the streets, bringing a sense of closure to the tragic events that unfolded over the weekend.

The investigation into the motive behind the shooting and any potential connections between the suspect and the victims is ongoing. The local authorities are working to provide support to the affected families and ensure the safety and well-being of the community..