“Maid from Myanmar Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Stabbing Indian Mother-in-Law 26 Times”

By | July 16, 2023



A maid from Myanmar has been sentenced to life imprisonment in Singapore after she brutally stabbed her employer’s 70-year-old mother-in-law from India 26 times in 2018. The accused, Zin Mar Nwe, was found guilty of murder and admitted to intentionally inflicting fatal stab wounds on the victim out of anger.

The incident occurred on June 25, 2018, when Zin Mar Nwe and the elderly woman were alone in the flat. The accused grabbed a knife from the kitchen and repeatedly stabbed the victim before fleeing with some cash. She later went to her agency to ask for her passport, where she was arrested a few hours later.

Initially, Zin Mar Nwe denied stabbing the elderly woman, but she later confessed to the crime. She explained that she found it difficult to get along with the victim and alleged that she was assaulted by the elderly woman when she did not understand her instructions.

According to reports, the elderly woman had been physically abusive towards the maid. She would use her knuckles to hit the maid on the head and back two to three times a day on average, and eventually started using objects such as ladles.

The court sentenced Zin Mar Nwe to life imprisonment after considering the severity of her crime and the circumstances leading up to it. The tragic incident highlights the importance of fair treatment and respect for domestic workers, as well as the need for proper regulation and monitoring to prevent such instances of violence and abuse.

It is crucial for employers to treat their domestic workers with dignity and provide a safe working environment. Likewise, it is essential for governments to enforce strict laws and regulations to protect domestic workers from exploitation and abuse..