“Arrest Made in Disturbance Case: Jason Lott Booked for Harassment and Criminal Mischief”

By | July 16, 2023



On Saturday, a disturbance in the 12600 block of Copper Mill Drive in Harris County, Texas, led to the arrest of Jason Lott. Deputies from Pct. 4 Constable Mark Herman’s Office responded to the scene and discovered that Lott had two open misdemeanor warrants for Harassment and Criminal Mischief.

Constable Mark Herman stated, “Jason Lott was arrested and booked into the Harris County Jail for the open warrants. His total bond was set at $1,020 out of County Court 3.”

Along with the announcement, two pictures were shared. The first image showed Jason Lott, while the second image was a screenshot of the location where the disturbance occurred.

This incident highlights the importance of law enforcement agencies’ prompt response to disturbances and their commitment to maintaining public safety. By swiftly addressing the situation and apprehending the individual with open warrants, the deputies ensured that the community remained protected.

The arrest of Jason Lott serves as a reminder that individuals with outstanding warrants can be taken into custody at any time, regardless of the circumstances. It also emphasizes the significance of resolving legal matters promptly to avoid potential consequences.

Law enforcement agencies play a crucial role in upholding law and order within communities. Their dedication and diligence contribute to creating a safe environment for residents. By promptly responding to disturbances and taking appropriate action, they ensure that individuals with open warrants are held accountable for their actions.

This incident serves as a testament to the commitment of Constable Mark Herman’s Office in ensuring the safety and well-being of the residents of Harris County. Their swift response and successful arrest demonstrate their effectiveness in maintaining peace and order in the community..