“Anthony Barahona Facing Charges for Shooting at Front Street House in Manchester”

By | July 15, 2023



Anthony Barahona, a resident of Manchester, NH, appeared in court on Friday for charges related to a shooting incident that occurred on Front Street. The shooting took place at a house that Manchester Police Chief Allen Aldenberg referred to as a “known nuisance property.” Police, fire, and EMS responded to the scene and found a man suffering from a gunshot wound to the foot. The victim, referred to as “B.P.” in court documents, stated that he had a disagreement with his roommate, Anthony Barahona, over missing drugs, which led to Barahona shooting him in the foot.

After the shooting, police set up a perimeter around the house and ordered the occupants to come out. SWAT officers eventually entered the house and found Barahona hiding on the second floor. He was taken into custody after a short struggle. Barahona now faces charges of first-degree assault with a deadly weapon, reckless conduct with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest.

This incident highlights the ongoing issue of nuisance properties in the city. The house where the shooting occurred had been the subject of previous police investigations, and Chief Aldenberg expressed his commitment to improving the area’s safety. Following the incident, the property owner boarded up the windows and doors with plywood, and city agencies prohibited anyone from returning to the property.

Barahona’s case is not his first encounter with the law. He was previously released on a suspended sentence for reckless conduct, disobeying an officer, driving after suspension, and reckless operation. The community awaits further developments in this case as Barahona remains in custody.

Overall, this incident serves as a reminder of the importance of addressing nuisance properties and working towards creating safer communities. The Manchester Police Department is determined to improve the situation and enhance the area’s safety for its residents..