“Minnesota Woman’s Body Found in Storage Unit, Person of Interest Threatened Tipster: Documents”

By | July 13, 2023



A tipster who tried to help a Minnesota woman with her drug addiction was threatened by a man who is now a person of interest in her case, according to law enforcement documents. The tipster reported Fanta Xayavong missing and suspected that she might be a victim of sex trafficking. The person of interest, Joseph Jorgenson, has been charged with second-degree murder in the killing of another missing woman, Manijeh “Mani” Starren.

The tipster contacted the Minnesota Human Trafficking Investigators Task Force and informed them about Xayavong’s disappearance. He revealed that she had struggled with drug addiction and that he had tried to get her into rehab. However, Jorgenson threatened the tipster and even provided text messages as evidence of the threats. The tipster described Jorgenson as abusive towards Xayavong.

The tipster’s report gained significant attention after authorities discovered Starren’s dismembered remains in a different storage unit. Both women had been in relationships with Jorgenson. Xayavong was last seen in July 2021, and her family confirmed her disappearance in May 2022.

The law enforcement documents filed in Ramsey County District Court sought access to Jorgenson’s suburban apartment, as well as his email, Facebook, and Uber accounts. Xayavong’s body was found in a storage unit in Coon Rapids, while Starren’s remains were found in a storage unit in Woodbury.

Starren’s father reported her missing in May and mentioned her struggles with addiction and mental health issues. He also expressed concerns about her boyfriend. Surveillance footage showed Jorgenson pushing Starren into her apartment, and he was later seen leaving with bags and a suitcase. Blood was found in the apartment, indicating a potential crime scene.

Jorgenson was arrested after starting a fire in his apartment while authorities attempted to take him into custody. He resisted arrest and tried to disarm the officers. His bond has been set at $5 million.


The case highlights the dangers of drug addiction and the vulnerability of individuals involved in abusive relationships. It also underscores the importance of reporting suspicious activities and providing support to those in need..