“Fatal Crash on I-91: Victim Identified as Luis Gonzalez, 34”

By | July 13, 2023



On June 11, 2022, a fatal crash occurred on I-91 southbound near Exit 27, resulting in the death of 34-year-old Luis Gonzalez from New Britain, Connecticut. The crash involved a 2021 Chevy Malibu driven by Ellison-Moss, with North Carolina plates, and a 2022 Can-Am Spyder Roadster F3-S motorcycle.

According to state police, the Chevy rear-ended the motorcycle as both vehicles entered I-91 via the Route 15 southbound Exit 86 off-ramp. The impact caused the car to travel over the motorcycle, leading to fatal injuries for Gonzalez. Ellison-Moss, on the other hand, did not report any pain and refused medical treatment.

State police responding to the scene observed signs of impairment in Ellison-Moss and conducted standardized field sobriety tests, which he failed. Consequently, he was arrested and taken to Troop H headquarters in Hartford for processing. At the time, he was charged with a DUI, but further charges related to the collision are still under investigation.

Afterwards, investigators obtained a warrant for Ellison-Moss’s arrest, and he turned himself in at Troop H headquarters on Wednesday morning. The incident has raised concerns about impaired driving and its devastating consequences.

This tragic event serves as a reminder of the importance of responsible and sober driving. Impaired driving puts not only the driver’s life at risk but also endangers the lives of others on the road. It is crucial for all motorists to prioritize safety and make responsible choices when behind the wheel.

As the investigation continues, it is hoped that justice will be served for the victim and their family. This incident should also prompt discussions and actions to prevent similar accidents in the future, such as increased awareness campaigns, stricter penalties for impaired driving, and improved road safety measures..