“Victim of Swatting Incident Found in Knox County Home”

By | July 12, 2023



An investigation is underway after a home in Knox County, Tennessee, was swatted following a fake shooting call. The incident occurred when dispatch received a call claiming that someone had shot their brother and was planning to shoot themselves soon. As a result, the Knox County Sheriff’s Office, Rural Metro Fire Services, and AMR Ambulance Services responded to the scene.

Law enforcement established a perimeter around the home after being told that the suspect was going to “shoot through the door.” However, instead of finding the unknown suspect, they discovered a woman and her family inside. The woman, identified as Tatyana Smith, was startled when she opened the door to find herself surrounded by guns. She and an unidentified male were instructed to exit the home with their hands up, as captured by a Ring camera video.

The situation was incredibly distressing for Smith’s daughter, Khloe Henry, who recalled guns being pointed at her. The incident was later determined to be a “swatting” incident, where a false report is made to provoke an armed response. Smith expressed her desire for the suspect to be punished, emphasizing the seriousness of such incidents and the potential for harm or death.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating the call, but there are no known suspects at this time. Swatting incidents are dangerous and can have severe consequences. It is essential for law enforcement to thoroughly investigate these incidents and for individuals to understand the potential harm caused by making false reports..