“Arizona Man’s Remains Identified through DNA Evidence After Flooding Tragedy”

By | July 12, 2023



Human remains discovered after a flood in Arizona have been identified as those of a man who went missing in 2019. Jordan Victor Carvalho, 30, was reported missing by his family on September 30, 2019. They had not had any contact with him for several weeks leading up to the report, and he never reappeared.

The breakthrough in identifying Carvalho’s remains came when a skull was found in a wash on September 12, 2022, following flooding in the area. Although detectives confirmed it was human remains, they were unable to determine the person’s identity. However, in March, investigators collaborated with Othram, a forensic genetic genealogy lab in Texas. Othram utilized Forensic-Grade Genome Sequencing to create a DNA profile, ultimately identifying the remains as Carvalho’s on July 7.

Unfortunately, the cause of Carvalho’s death remains unknown. Authorities were unable to determine the circumstances surrounding his disappearance or how he ended up in the area where his remains were found. The discovery of Carvalho’s remains brings some closure to his family, who have been searching for answers since his disappearance over two years ago.

This case highlights the importance of forensic technology and the advancements made in genetic genealogy. Through the use of DNA evidence, Othram was able to provide crucial answers and help bring a sense of resolution to Carvalho’s loved ones. It also serves as a reminder of the diligent work carried out by law enforcement agencies and organizations specializing in forensics to solve cold cases and bring closure to families affected by such tragedies.

While the circumstances surrounding Carvalho’s disappearance and death remain a mystery, the identification of his remains brings some measure of closure to his family. The hope is that this breakthrough will inspire continued advancements in forensic science and genetic genealogy, ultimately leading to answers in other missing persons cases..