“Riverside Doctor Arrested Again for Sexual Assault of Multiple Patients”

By | July 9, 2023


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In this article, we learn about the arrest of Dr. Sam Sannoufi, a Riverside doctor who has been accused of sexually assaulting multiple patients. This is the second time he has been arrested for similar allegations. Dr. Sannoufi owns a skincare laser clinic and family practice in Riverside.

The first arrest was made after a female victim reported being sexually assaulted during a consultation exam with Dr. Sannoufi. He was released on bail but has now been arrested again after additional victims came forward with similar allegations. He is currently being held without bail at the Robert Presley Detention Center.

The Riverside Police Department is urging potential victims to come forward and provide any additional information about the case. They have released Dr. Sannoufi’s photo to aid in the identification of potential victims. Anyone with information is asked to contact Detective Stanley Hua or submit anonymous tips through the Riverside Police Department’s mobile app.

The case highlights the importance of reporting incidents of sexual assault and seeking justice for the victims. It also serves as a reminder to the public to be cautious and aware of their rights when seeking medical care. The allegations against Dr. Sannoufi are serious and should be taken seriously by law enforcement and the community..