Oregon Man Killed by Semi on Indiana Toll Road

By | July 9, 2023



An Oregon man was tragically killed in a pedestrian accident on the Indiana Toll Road in Steuben County. The victim, identified as 45-year-old Michael Shaw of Portland, was hit by a semi-truck on Saturday afternoon.

The incident occurred around 1:15 p.m. when Indiana State Troopers received a report of a pedestrian on the highway at the 142 mile-marker. Responding officers found a disabled yellow pickup truck with a utility trailer and a passenger car parked on the right shoulder of the eastbound lanes. A Freightliner semi-truck was also pulled over nearby.

Shaw, the driver of the pickup truck, was found unresponsive and lying in the road. Sadly, he was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigation revealed that Shaw had pulled off the road after his truck developed a mechanical problem. He had raised the hood and then walked in front of his truck, standing in the right lane of the road. Tragically, he did not notice the oncoming semi-truck and was struck.

The driver of the semi-truck, 30-year-old Princ Blakaj from Bronx, New York, immediately stopped after hitting Shaw. He cooperated with the authorities and remained at the scene. Blakaj was not injured, but was taken to a local hospital for a mandatory blood test as per Indiana law following a fatal accident.

Investigators are currently awaiting the results of the blood test. The accident serves as a tragic reminder of the importance of being cautious and aware of one’s surroundings, especially when dealing with a disabled vehicle on the roadside. It is crucial for drivers to exercise caution and follow safety protocols to prevent such accidents from occurring..