Milan set for revolution as Fonseca aims to address key issues with staff changes.: Milan overhaul strategy – Fonseca shakeup plan

By | May 30, 2024



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Tuttosport: ‘Revolution at Milan’ – Fonseca plans to change staff and fix two big issues

Paulo Fonseca is set to make significant changes at AC Milan, aiming to address the team’s issues. Despite some skepticism from fans, the Portuguese coach was chosen over other top managers for specific reasons. Milan struggled with frequent injuries and defensive lapses under Stefano Pioli, resulting in a trophyless season. Fonseca has a track record of overcoming similar challenges, notably at Roma and Lille, where he improved defensive performances through staff changes. With a new team in place, including former Chelsea player Paulo Ferreira as his deputy, Milan hopes for defensive improvements under Fonseca’s leadership in the upcoming season.

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AC Milan is on the verge of a revolution under the guidance of new coach Paulo Fonseca. The Portuguese tactician has not even stepped foot on the Milanello turf yet, but he already has some significant changes in mind to address the issues that plagued the team in the previous season.

According to a report by Tuttosport, Fonseca plans to overhaul the coaching staff at Milan in a bid to fix two major problems that hampered the team’s performance under Stefano Pioli. The Rossoneri struggled with frequent injuries that sidelined key players and disrupted the team’s rhythm. Additionally, the defensive phase of the team was porous, conceding too many goals and lacking compactness.


Fonseca’s track record suggests that he is well-equipped to address these issues. During his time at Roma, he faced similar challenges with injuries and a leaky defense. However, he managed to turn things around during his tenure at Lille, where he significantly improved the team’s defensive record.

One of the key changes that Fonseca implemented at both Roma and Lille was revamping his coaching staff. By bringing in new faces and fresh ideas, he was able to instill a new sense of structure and discipline within the team. In particular, Fonseca made changes to the physical conditioning staff, which led to improvements in the team’s overall performance.

At Lille, Fonseca worked closely with former Chelsea player Paulo Ferreira as his deputy, and the duo was able to make significant strides in improving the team’s defensive solidity. Additionally, changes in the goalkeeping coaching and physical training staff contributed to the team’s success on the field.

Milan fans may have had reservations about Fonseca’s appointment initially, but the club’s decision to bring in the Portuguese coach over other high-profile candidates was based on sound reasoning. Fonseca’s proven ability to identify and rectify issues within a team, coupled with his track record of success, makes him a promising choice to lead Milan in the upcoming season.

As Fonseca gears up to take charge at Milan, fans can expect to see a new era of change and improvement at the club. With a focus on shoring up the defense, reducing injuries, and implementing a new coaching structure, Fonseca’s revolution at Milan could usher in a period of success and stability for the Rossoneri.

In conclusion, Fonseca’s plans to change the coaching staff and address the team’s key issues signal a new beginning for Milan. With a focus on improvement and a commitment to excellence, Fonseca’s vision for the club could mark the start of a transformative period for one of Italy’s most storied football institutions.

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