CT Liana : Myanmar national arrested in Mizoram with 3.4kg suspected heroin

By | May 28, 2024



Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. Myanmar drug trafficking Mizoram
2. Suspected heroin arrest Myanmar national

Mizoram Police’s CID recently arrested a Myanmar national in Aizawl with 3.4 kg of suspected heroin. The operation was based on specific information, leading to the seizure of drugs from a two-wheeler. The arrested person, CT Liana (25), is believed to be a Myanmar resident. The police found the heroin hidden inside ‘secret chambers’ of the vehicle. This arrest is part of efforts to crack down on a large international drug racket operating in the region. Assam police have also seized drugs transported from Myanmar through Mizoram. Stay updated on India’s general elections with the HT App. Download now!

1. Myanmar drug trafficking Mizoram
2. Suspected heroin arrest Myanmar national

Myanmar National Arrested in Mizoram with 3.4kg of Suspected Heroin

In a recent operation carried out by the special branch of the Mizoram Police’s Criminal Investigation Department (CID), one Myanmar national was apprehended with 3.4 kg of suspected heroin. The incident took place in Aizawl, the capital city of Mizoram, which is located in the northeastern part of India.

The operation was launched on a Sunday evening based on specific information received by the officials. The drugs were seized from a two-wheeler in Aizawl, adding to the growing concern of drug trafficking in the region.

Arrest and Identification

The arrested individual has been identified as CT Liana, a 25-year-old resident of Myanmar’s Tahan area. Documents recovered from the scene indicate his nationality, leading officials to believe that the narcotics are also of Myanmar origin.

Upon inspection of the vehicle, the police discovered the suspected heroin hidden inside ‘secret chambers’. A total of 311 soap cases containing the illicit substance were recovered from the two-wheeler. Experts are currently examining the seized drugs to gather more evidence.


Concerns and Past Incidents

Senior officials of the Mizoram police have expressed their worries about the increasing amount of narcotics being smuggled into the state. In the recent past, a significant number of Myanmar nationals have been arrested in connection with drug trafficking activities in Mizoram.

Not only Mizoram, but neighbouring states like Assam have also been affected by the influx of drugs from Myanmar. Reports suggest that large quantities of drugs, including heroin and Yaba tablets, have been confiscated by the authorities, highlighting the presence of a well-organized international drug racket in the region.

A senior police officer stated that local individuals are often used as carriers to transport the illegal substances across borders. This raises concerns about the involvement of residents in such criminal activities and the need for stricter surveillance measures.

As investigations continue into the recent drug seizure in Aizawl, the authorities are working tirelessly to dismantle the drug trafficking networks operating in the region. The collaboration between law enforcement agencies from different states is crucial in addressing the transnational nature of the drug trade and ensuring the safety and security of the local communities.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story as the authorities delve deeper into the origins and connections of the seized narcotics.

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