Sudhanshu : Tragic Accident: 12 Devotees Killed in UP Bus Overturning

By | May 26, 2024



Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. “Shahjahanpur bus accident victims”
2. “Fatal truck overturn in UP”

A tragic road accident in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, resulted in the death of twelve pilgrims, including women and children, en route to the Purnagiri temple in Uttarakhand. The incident occurred when a gravel-loaded dumper truck overturned on their bus, causing serious injuries to nine others. The victims, residents of Kamlapur in Sitapur district, had hired the bus for their journey. Local police and villagers rescued some passengers trapped inside the bus, with one child being rescued after two hours of struggle. President Droupadi Murmu and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath expressed condolences to the bereaved families and directed proper treatment for the injured.

1. Fatal accident claims lives of 12 devotees in Shahjahanpur
2. Tragic truck overturning incident leaves 12 dead in UP’s Shahjahanpur

Tragedy Strikes as Dumper Truck Overturns on Bus Carrying Pilgrims to Purnagiri Temple

In a devastating turn of events, twelve people, including six women and three children, lost their lives when a gravel-loaded dumper truck overturned on their bus in Shahjahanpur district, Uttar Pradesh. The victims were pilgrims en route to the sacred Purnagiri temple in Uttarakhand, located approximately 180 kilometers from Shahjahanpur.

Details of the Incident

The tragic incident occurred at Hajiyapur village under the Khutar police station area when the bus, carrying 59 passengers from Sitapur, had stopped at a roadside eatery. Some of the passengers had disembarked for dinner while the rest remained on board. It was at this moment that the dumper truck lost control, causing it to overturn and spill its contents onto the unsuspecting pilgrims.

Among the deceased were ten passengers who tragically lost their lives on the spot, while two others succumbed to their injuries during treatment at the Government Medical College in Shahjahanpur. The victims, all residents of Kamlapur in Sitapur district, had hired the bus for their pilgrimage journey and had set out at around 6 pm on that fateful Saturday evening.

Rescue Efforts and Aftermath

Local police and villagers sprang into action to rescue the trapped passengers from inside the bus. Eyewitnesses described a harrowing scene where there seemed to be no way to extricate the victims from the wreckage. The rescue and relief operations were carried out using mobile phone torches and vehicle lights, showcasing the community’s spirit in times of adversity.


Authorities, including Shahjahanpur Superintendent of Police Ashok Kumar Meena and District Magistrate Umesh Pratap Singh, arrived at the scene to coordinate rescue efforts. The driver of the dumper truck fled the scene, prompting a search operation by the police to locate him.

Official Statements and Condolences

President Droupadi Murmu expressed her sorrow over the loss of lives in the tragic road accident and extended her condolences to the bereaved families. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath also offered his sympathies to the families of the deceased and directed the district administration to ensure that the injured receive the necessary medical attention.

As investigations continue into the cause of the accident, the community mourns the loss of the pilgrims who set out on a journey of faith but met with an untimely and tragic end. The road to Purnagiri temple, once a path of devotion, now bears the weight of a heartbreaking incident that serves as a stark reminder of the fragility of life.

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