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Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. Standing Bear Lake flooding
2. Omaha residents recreation options

The new boat ramp at the flooded Standing Bear Lake in Omaha, Nebraska was blocked by barricades, but that didn’t deter some people from enjoying the water on rafts, paddleboards, and wading in. The lake was swollen due to heavy rains, despite efforts by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to slowly fill it up. It will take up to two weeks for the water levels to return to normal. While some tried their luck fishing, officials warned against high water hazards. Despite the challenges, people still flocked to the lake to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend, appreciating the lake’s flood protection function.

1. Standing Bear Lake water levels
2. Enjoying Standing Bear Lake despite flooding

Exploring the Flooded Standing Bear Lake in Omaha, Nebraska

Over the weekend, visitors to Standing Bear Lake in Omaha, Nebraska were met with a surprising sight – the new boat ramp was blocked off due to flooding. Despite the barricades, some adventurous souls still found a way to enjoy the water, whether it be on rafts, paddleboards, or simply wading in.

One visitor, Jessica Banther, expressed her disappointment at the closure of the floating bridge, which had drawn her to the park. However, she and others were able to explore alternative trails and the flooded sidewalk around the lake.

The Irony of a Swollen Lake

The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission had recently completed a rehabilitation project on Standing Bear Lake, aiming to increase access along the shorelines and allow the reservoir to slowly fill up over time. However, heavy rains in the past week caused the water level to rise rapidly, exceeding expectations.

Aquatic habitat program manager Jeff Jackson explained that despite efforts to gradually fill the reservoir, the sudden downpour led to a swift increase in water levels. It is estimated that it will take up to two weeks for the lake to return to its normal level.


Fishing and Wildlife at Standing Bear Lake

While some visitors tried their luck at fishing in the flooded waters, Jackson revealed that Game and Parks had previously eliminated certain species of fish from the lake due to their potential to cause damage. Although restocking efforts began last spring with bluegill, bass, and channel catfish, it will take several years for the fishery to fully recover.

Despite the challenges, visitors like Jonathan Wilson still found joy in the serene waters of Standing Bear Lake, offering a sense of calm and relaxation on Memorial Day weekend.

Enjoying the Outdoors Safely

As visitors continue to flock to the lake for recreation, Jackson reminded everyone to be cautious of boating hazards and high water levels. Safety measures such as wearing life vests and avoiding areas with submerged obstacles are crucial to ensuring a pleasant and risk-free experience.

Ultimately, Standing Bear Lake serves as not only a recreational spot but also plays a vital role in flood protection for the surrounding area. As nature takes its course and water levels gradually recede, visitors can look forward to a restored and thriving ecosystem in the years to come.

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