Vijayakumar : “Coimbatore man arrested for ₹18.5 lakh theft; complainant’s false claim exposed”

By | May 20, 2024



Accident – Death – Obituary News : : 1. Coimbatore house theft
2. False claim robbery Coimbatore

The police arrested a man for stealing £18.5 lakh from a house near Annur in Coimbatore district. The complainant initially claimed over £1 crore was stolen, but police found it to be a false statement. The arrested man, I. Anbarasan from Thiruvarur, confessed to stealing the money and jewellery. Vijayakumar reported the theft of £1.5 crore and nine sovereigns of jewellery when he was away visiting family. Police investigations revealed Anbarasan’s involvement through surveillance camera footage. Anbarasan was arrested and remanded, while the complainant may face consequences for providing false information. Police are taking action against the misleading complaint.

1. Coimbatore house theft scam
2. Stolen money false claim Coimbatore

Theft of ₹18.5 lakh in Coimbatore District

Imagine coming home to find that a large sum of money has been stolen from your house. This nightmare became a reality for Vijayakumar, a resident of Sokkampalayam near Annur in Coimbatore district. He was left in shock when he discovered that ₹18.5 lakh and nine sovereigns of jewellery were missing from his home.

False Claim of ₹1 Crore Theft

Upon reporting the theft to the Annur police, Vijayakumar initially claimed that a staggering ₹1.5 crore had been stolen from his house. However, after thorough investigation, it was revealed that this statement was untrue. The police determined that the actual amount stolen was ₹18.5 lakh, a significant difference from the original claim.

Arrest of the Accused

The police swiftly took action by forming 10 special teams to investigate the theft. Through the review of surveillance camera footage, they were able to identify the culprit as I. Anbarasan, a resident of Thiruvarur. Anbarasan was apprehended by the police and confessed to stealing the ₹18.5 lakh and nine sovereigns of jewellery from Vijayakumar’s home.

Misleading Information

It was a shocking revelation for the police when they discovered that the complainant had misled them with his false claim of a ₹1.5 crore theft. This misleading information not only wasted valuable time and resources but also hindered the investigation process. As a result, the police are considering taking action against the complainant for providing inaccurate information.


Legal Action Taken

Following his confession, Anbarasan was arrested and remanded in police custody on Monday. The authorities are now focused on gathering more evidence to build a strong case against him. The legal proceedings will continue as the police work towards ensuring that justice is served in this case of theft.

Overall, the theft of ₹18.5 lakh from a house near Annur in Coimbatore district serves as a reminder of the importance of providing accurate information to law enforcement authorities. It also highlights the dedication and efficiency of the police in swiftly resolving cases of theft and bringing the culprits to justice.

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