Roman Gabriel Obituary – Cause of Death : Former Rams MVP QB passes away at 83

By | April 20, 2024



Former Rams MVP quarterback dies at 83

It is with heavy hearts that we report the passing of the former Rams MVP quarterback at the age of 83. The news of his death has left the football community in shock and mourning.

The former quarterback was a true legend in the sport, known for his exceptional talent and leadership on the field. He was a key player in leading the Rams to multiple victories and was awarded the MVP title for his outstanding performance during his career.

Throughout his time in the league, the former quarterback was admired and respected by fans, teammates, and opponents alike. His dedication to the game and his team was evident in every game he played, and his legacy will forever be remembered in the hearts of football fans everywhere.

At this time, the cause of death has not been confirmed, and details surrounding his passing are still unknown. The football world is coming together to mourn the loss of a true icon, and tributes are pouring in from around the globe.

Fans have taken to social media to express their condolences and share memories of the former quarterback’s remarkable career. Many are remembering his standout performances and game-winning plays that will forever be etched in football history.


The former Rams MVP quarterback leaves behind a lasting legacy that will continue to inspire future generations of players. His impact on the sport and the lives of those he touched will never be forgotten.

As we continue to mourn the loss of this football legend, we send our deepest condolences to his family, friends, and fans during this difficult time. The world of football has lost a true icon, and he will be greatly missed.

The news of the former Rams MVP quarterback’s passing has left a void in the hearts of football fans everywhere. His memory will live on through the countless lives he touched and the indelible mark he left on the sport he loved. Rest in peace, dear quarterback.