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A 30-year-old woman is facing homicide charges in the 2022 shooting death of a man in DeLand, Fla., according to the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office. The victim, 29-year-old Korey Woulard, was found shot and lying in the middle of a road, where he was pronounced dead on the scene. Surveillance footage and phone records placed the suspect, Jasmoray Baugh, with the victim on the day of the shooting. Baugh is accused of murdering Woulard and faces a second-degree murder charge. She is currently being held without bond. Stay updated with Your Florida Daily for more headlines.

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DeLand, Fla.: Woman Faces Homicide Charges in 2022 Shooting Death

DeLand, a quaint city in Florida known for its historic charm and picturesque landscapes, recently made headlines following a tragic incident that shook the community to its core. A 30-year-old woman, Jasmoray Baugh, now faces homicide charges in connection with the shooting death of 29-year-old Korey Woulard, as reported by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office.

Details of the Incident


The incident took place on December 11, when Woulard was found shot, lying in the middle of a road in DeLand. The shooting was reported around 1:55 a.m. in the 300 block of Chipola Avenue, with Woulard tragically succumbing to his injuries at the scene despite efforts to save him.

Sequence of Events

Before the shooting occurred, witnesses reported seeing Woulard running away from Baugh, the mother of his child, in her white Kia Forte. Surveillance footage and phone records placed the two individuals together on the day before the shooting, as well as in the early hours leading up to the tragic event.

Video Evidence

Video footage from the Taylor Place Apartments captured Woulard leaving Baugh’s residence and then walking towards the southwest entrance of the complex. Subsequent footage showed him walking away from the apartment complex, followed by Baugh leaving in her vehicle and driving in different directions around the area.

Key Moments

One pivotal moment captured on video showed Woulard smashing a mirror of a white vehicle onto the ground, followed by him running and looking back in the direction of Baugh’s apartment. Baugh was then seen picking up the broken mirror and returning to her apartment, while Woulard eventually left the complex.

Arrest and Charges

As the investigation unfolded, it was revealed that Baugh had deleted crucial information from her cellphone related to the case. Based on the evidence gathered and statements collected, authorities concluded that there was probable cause to believe Baugh had murdered Woulard. She now faces a second-degree murder charge and is currently held without bond.

DeLand, a close-knit community with a strong sense of unity, is grappling with the aftermath of this tragic incident. The repercussions of this event will undoubtedly be felt throughout the city, as residents come to terms with the loss of a young life and the shocking turn of events that led to this outcome.