USPS Mail Carrier Attacked: Job in Jeopardy – 7 Investigates How Companies Can Protect Their Employees

By | April 3, 2024



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A mail carrier in North Miami is facing job insecurity after being attacked while on duty. The incident, which occurred on March 6, left the carrier feeling threatened and traumatized. The attacker, identified as Alexandra Remolien, was charged with battery. Despite calling the police and following protocol, the carrier was suspended from work for “willfully delaying mail.” Feeling unsupported by the Post Office, the carrier is advocating for better protection and support for workers in similar situations. It has been over a month since the carrier received a paycheck, but she remains determined to fight for her job. For the latest news, subscribe to our Newsletter.

1. Workplace safety strategies for protecting employees
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Mail Carrier Attacked in North Miami

A mail carrier in North Miami is facing uncertainty about her job security after a violent altercation left her feeling unsafe and traumatized. The incident occurred on March 6, when Rose, the mail carrier, was delivering mail in the area.

Violent Encounter

While on her normal route, Rose encountered two women who attempted to take a package from the mailbox. When Rose requested identification or a mailbox key as per protocol, one of the women became aggressive. The situation escalated quickly, with the woman physically assaulting Rose, leading to a confrontation that resulted in the police being called to the scene.

Legal Action

In the police report, the primary aggressor was identified as Alexandra Remolien and she was charged with battery. Rose sustained injuries from the attack, including bruises and emotional trauma from the incident. Despite being the victim of an assault, Rose found herself in a difficult situation where she was suspended from work pending an investigative interview.

Job Insecurity

Rose’s suspension from work has left her without a paycheck for over a month, adding to her distress. She expressed feeling unsupported by her employer, the North Miami Post Office, and called for better measures to protect mail carriers in similar situations. Rose highlighted the lack of training provided to handle such incidents and emphasised the need for genuine concern for employees’ well-being.


Seeking Justice

Despite the challenges she faces, Rose remains determined to fight for her job and bring attention to the need for improved safety measures for mail carriers. She believes that the Post Office should take more proactive steps to ensure the security and well-being of their employees in the line of duty.

Support Needed

Rose’s case sheds light on the risks faced by mail carriers while carrying out their duties and the importance of adequate support and protection from their employers. As she continues to navigate through the aftermath of the incident, Rose hopes for a resolution that prioritizes the safety and welfare of postal workers in similar situations.

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