Trial Update: Marine Staff Sergeant Bryce Rudisell Murder Trial in San Angelo, Texas

By | April 3, 2024



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The trial for the 2022 stabbing death of Marine Staff Sergeant Bryce Rudisell at Goodfellow Air Force Base is underway in San Angelo, Texas. Ray Vera, indicted for murder and causing bodily injury to others, is one of five suspects involved in the incident at Whiskey River. The jury selection process has been completed, with 11 women and three men seated. District Attorney John Best outlined the events leading to the tragic outcome, while Defense Attorney Jason Sosa emphasized Vera’s actions in self-defense. Testimonies from three San Angelo patrol officers shed light on the night’s events. The trial is ongoing, with further proceedings scheduled for the next day.

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Location of the Incident

The trial for the State of Texas vs. Ray Vera involving the 2022 stabbing death of Marine Staff Sergeant Bryce Rudisell took place in San Angelo, Texas. Specifically, the proceedings unfolded within the 51st District Court located in the historic Tom Green County Courthouse.

Jury Selection and Witnesses

On April 2, a jury comprised of 11 women and three men was selected for the trial. The prosecution called three witnesses to the stand to provide testimony related to the events that transpired on the night of October 2, 2022, at Whiskey River in San Angelo.

Indictment and Charges

Ray Vera, a 41-year-old individual, was indicted for the murder of Marine Staff Sergeant Bryce Rudisell. Additionally, Vera faced charges of causing serious bodily injury to SSgt. Devin Casey and SSgt. Andrew Cauwell. These charges stemmed from a tragic altercation that occurred at the popular establishment, Whiskey River.


Opening Statements

In the opening statements, District Attorney John Best outlined the sequence of events that led to the fatal stabbing at Whiskey River. He described an evening that began with celebration but quickly escalated into a violent confrontation between the group of service members and Ray Vera.

Defence’s Perspective

Defense Attorney Jason Sosa provided an alternative narrative, portraying Ray Vera as a victim of circumstance rather than an instigator of violence. Sosa highlighted Vera’s actions as those of self-defense in the face of aggression from the group of service members.

Police Testimonies

During the trial, San Angelo patrol officers recalled their arrival at the scene of the stabbing. Body camera footage was presented to the jury, capturing the chaotic aftermath of the altercation at Whiskey River. The officers detailed their efforts to assist the wounded victims and gather crucial information.

Continuation of Testimony

As the court adjourned on the first day of the trial, the proceedings were set to resume the following day. Testimonies from witnesses and further evidence were expected to shed light on the tragic events that unfolded at the popular nightlife spot in San Angelo.