Nex Benedict : Oklahoma Police: Nonbinary Teen’s Death Not from School Fight

By | February 22, 2024



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Tragic Incident at Owasso High School

A heartbreaking incident occurred at Owasso High School in Oklahoma, where a 16-year-old student tragically passed away following an altercation in a school restroom. The student, Nex Benedict, identified as nonbinary and used they/them pronouns. The altercation, which may have been prompted by bullying over gender identity, has sparked an investigation by the local police department.

Details of the Incident

The incident took place on February 7th when Nex Benedict was attacked and assaulted by a group of students in a school restroom. Although Benedict was able to walk out of the bathroom after the fight, they were later taken to the hospital by their family. The following day, paramedics were called to Benedict’s home for a medical emergency, and Benedict was taken to the hospital, where they tragically passed away.

Family’s Statements

Nex Benedict’s family has spoken out about the incident, revealing that there had been harassment towards Benedict due to their nonbinary identity. Benedict’s mother, Sue Benedict, described the injuries sustained by Nex after the altercation and expressed deep sadness over their passing. The family has set up a GoFundMe page to help cover funeral expenses and is still learning to use Nex’s preferred name and pronouns.

School and Police Investigation

Police in Owasso are conducting a thorough investigation into the incident, interviewing staff and students at the school to gather more information. School officials have confirmed that a physical altercation occurred in a restroom, and students involved were quickly separated by other students and staff members. The police were not notified of the altercation until the student arrived at the hospital, and a report was taken at that time.

Community Response

The tragic death of Nex Benedict has sent shockwaves through the Owasso community and beyond. Governor Kevin Stitt expressed his condolences, stating that the death of any child in an Oklahoma school is a tragedy, and bullies must be held accountable. The ACLU Oklahoma has also spoken out against discriminatory policies and hateful rhetoric that impact transgender youth, calling for a safer environment for all students.


Final Thoughts

The loss of Nex Benedict has left a profound impact on their family, friends, and the entire Owasso community. As investigations continue and details unfold, it is crucial to address issues of bullying, discrimination, and the safety of all students in schools. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Benedict family and all those affected by this tragic incident..