“Seven-year-old Boy Killed in Aerial Firing at Karachi Wedding: ARY News”

By | December 17, 2023



Accident – death – Obituary News : Title: Tragic Incident in Karachi: Seven-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shot During Wedding Celebrations


Karachi, Pakistan – In a heart-wrenching incident, a seven-year-old boy lost his life when members of a wedding party engaged in reckless aerial firing. The tragic incident occurred in Shah Latif Town, Karachi, as reported by ARY News. The police have taken two suspects into custody, identified as Zaheer and Adnan, who are related to the young victim, Ahmed Raza.

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According to authorities, the incident unfolded during a joyous wedding ceremony where the suspects fired shots into the air, unaware of the potential consequences. Tragically, young Ahmed Raza was hit by one of the bullets, causing fatal injuries. Prompt police intervention resulted in the arrest of the two individuals responsible for the reckless act.

The local police have stated that they have transferred the suspects to the police station while waiting for the victim’s relatives to lodge a First Information Report (FIR) regarding the incident. ARY News reported that the family members of the deceased child took his body from the Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre (JPMC) without following the necessary legal procedures.


This unfortunate incident is not an isolated occurrence. In a similar incident that transpired in August 2023, a 12-year-old boy named Umar lost his life due to aerial firing during a wedding celebration in Karachi’s Orangi Town. The ARY News report highlights that Umar, who was a relative of the groom, was fatally struck by a bullet while observing fireworks and aerial firing from a rooftop. The police arrived at the scene promptly and transported the victim’s body to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital for further investigation.


Instances of celebratory aerial firing causing harm and even death have become a recurring issue in Karachi. These tragic incidents highlight the need for strict measures to curb such dangerous practices during festive occasions. The loss of innocent lives, such as Ahmed Raza and Umar, serves as a stark reminder that celebratory gunfire can have severe consequences.

Authorities must enforce strict regulations and increase public awareness campaigns to discourage such reckless behavior. The senseless loss of young lives emphasizes the importance of responsible gun ownership and the need to prioritize safety during celebrations.

By understanding the gravity of these incidents and taking appropriate measures, we can hope to prevent further tragedies and ensure the safety of our communities..