UNLV shooting update” : “Las Vegas College Shooting Leaves Three Dead and Many Questions Unanswered

Accident – Death – Obituary News : A shooting on a college campus in Las Vegas has left three people dead and one seriously injured. The suspect, identified as Anthony Polito, was killed in a shootout with police. The shooting took place at the University of Nevada’s Lee Business School on Wednesday morning. The gunman, who had previously applied for a job at the school, opened fire on the fourth floor of the building before moving through several other floors. An active shooter alert was sent out, and police officers quickly responded to the scene. The suspect was shot dead by two university police detectives outside of the building. Three victims, who have been identified as professors Cha Jan “Jerry” Chang and Patricia Navarro-Velez, were killed in the shooting. Another victim, a visiting professor, is in stable condition at a local hospital. The motive for the shooting is still unknown, and investigations are ongoing. Authorities have confirmed that Polito had a criminal history and had purchased a handgun legally in 2022. The campus, located near the Las Vegas Strip, was the site of the deadliest mass shooting in US history in 2017..