Goose Creek Man, Bernard Marlin Gadsden, Faces Charges After Leading Police on Chase Causing Injury

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Goose Creek Man Arrested After High-Speed Chase Causes Injury

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. – A 45-year-old man from Goose Creek, Bernard Marlin Gadsden, was apprehended by the police on Monday night following a high-speed chase that resulted in injuries. Gadsden faces charges of failure to stop for blue lights and sirens causing injury, with an additional pending felony DUI charge from the South Carolina Highway Patrol.

The incident unfolded around 10 p.m. when officers on patrol near the intersection of Rivers Avenue and Aviation Avenue observed an SUV leaving a hotel parking lot at an alarming speed, disregarding oncoming traffic, according to a police report.

The report further states that Gadsden, later identified as the driver of the SUV, proceeded to make illegal lane changes, making it challenging for the pursuing officers to maintain visual contact.

Realizing the need to take action, the officers activated their emergency blue lights and sirens, commencing the pursuit of Gadsden’s vehicle along Aviation Avenue.

The chase continued onto Interstate 26, surpassing Ashley Phosphate Road, and finally onto Highway 78. Gadsden skillfully maneuvered his vehicle onto College Park Road, eventually turning onto Treeland Drive, while still evading the officers.

During the course of the pursuit, there was a momentary loss of sight of the suspect’s vehicle by the officers. However, they quickly located Gadsden as he attempted to exit the crashed SUV through a broken window. Covered in blood and potentially suffering from a broken wrist, Gadsden was promptly apprehended by the police.

Both Gadsden and a passenger accompanying him in the SUV were immediately transported to the hospital to receive medical treatment for their injuries.

Upon conducting a search of the vehicle, the police discovered an empty miniature bottle of vodka and a digital scale with traces of white powder residue, suggesting possible illicit substance involvement, as mentioned in the report.

At present, a booking photo of Gadsden has not been made available to the public.