Woman Arrested After Stealing Ambulance and Endangering Lives in Lexington

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Stolen Ambulance Incident in Lexington Sparks Concerns for Public Safety

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WYMT) – In a shocking turn of events, an ambulance, typically a vehicle relied upon to transport individuals in emergencies, became the cause of alarm for residents in Lexington on Sunday night. Witnesses reported a near miss as the ambulance veered into the bike lane, creating a rush of air and a deafening noise resembling a passing car. Camarian Dickey, one of the witnesses, recalled the harrowing experience, stating, “We felt a rush of air, really loud. Like a car going by. We turned around and there was an EMT swerving into the bike lane.”

According to local law enforcement, the culprit responsible for this dangerous situation was later identified as Jericha Hays, who allegedly stole the ambulance shortly after a patient had been admitted to the hospital. The incident unfolded after a patient from Wayne County was transported to St. Joseph East. Hays, disregarding several traffic laws, embarked on a reckless joyride across Lexington, narrowly avoiding running over several pedestrians in the process.

Rowyn Moore, another witness to the incident, expressed gratitude for their fortunate escape, saying, “We were pretty lucky in how close we were, how close of a call it was.” The chaotic episode eventually reached its conclusion at a nearby Walmart, where Hays was apprehended by authorities. The consequences of Hays’ actions extended beyond the immediate danger posed to the public. Sherwin Corder, a concerned individual, highlighted the impact, stating, “It took a crew that we desperately need out of circulation. Also, an ambulance, which is still drivable but it had to be taken down and inspected.”

Hays now faces multiple charges, including wanton endangerment and theft, as a result of her alarming escapade. Witnesses further noted the absence of any warning signals, such as honking, from the stolen ambulance. The only honk heard was from a lady turning nearby, who stopped to inquire about the well-being of those affected. The incident has prompted officials in Wayne County to take proactive measures to prevent similar incidents in the future. The Wayne County EMS Director confirmed that the stolen ambulance had been thoroughly examined and would be ready for service again by Tuesday. To enhance security, anti-theft devices will be installed on all ambulances to deter any potential thefts.

The stolen ambulance incident in Lexington serves as a stark reminder of the importance of safeguarding emergency vehicles and the potential consequences when they fall into the wrong hands. The near-catastrophe has sparked concerns among residents and raised questions about the security protocols surrounding such vital resources. As the investigation progresses, the community eagerly awaits stricter measures to ensure the uninterrupted availability of life-saving services, free from the threat of theft and endangerment..

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