APPS2Car Cup Holder Phone Mount: Long arm, adjustable height, 360° rotation. Compatible with all cell phones.

APPS2Car has developed a practical and user-friendly cup holder phone mount for cars and trucks. This mount features a quick extension long arm that can be adjusted to the desired height and swiveled around easily. It also offers 360-degree rotation, allowing you to position your phone at any angle. This universal mobile mount is compatible with all cell phone models, including iPhones. It has a low profile design, ensuring a secure and stable grip on your phone.


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Now, let’s delve into the features of the product itself – a revolutionary phone holder for your car that offers unparalleled convenience and functionality. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of readjusting your phone holder to find the perfect viewing angle. With its innovative rotatable neck, this phone holder allows you to swivel your device effortlessly to your optimal viewing angle, eliminating any blind sides and ensuring a safe and comfortable driving experience. Whether you prefer landscape or vertical viewing, this phone holder can easily tilt, rotate, or swivel to accommodate your needs.

The solid adjustable cup holder base is designed to fit securely into any car cup holder between 3.02″ and 4.62″ in diameter. Thanks to its three rubber padded claws, your phone holder will remain stable even on the bumpiest roads, providing you with a secure and hands-free driving experience. Installation is a breeze – simply adjust the screw to expand the base and fit it snugly into your cup holder, without the need for any tools.

One-handed operation has never been easier with this versatile phone car mount. Its one-press release design allows you to effortlessly install or remove your smartphone with just one hand, ensuring convenience and safety while on the road. The phone holder features a foot and two adjustable arms with a silicon pad, firmly gripping your device in place. Furthermore, the open bottom tray design provides easy access for charging, so you can keep your phone powered up throughout your journey.

Designed for super compatibility, this cup phone holder is suitable for all iPhone and Android cell phones, even those with thick cases. Whether you own the latest iPhone 14 Pro Max or an older model like the iPhone 4, this holder will accommodate your device perfectly. It is also compatible with Google Pixel phones, ensuring that a wide range of users can benefit from its convenience and functionality.

Featuring a universal cupholder design, this phone holder is not limited to specific phone models. It works seamlessly with various Samsung Galaxy models, including the S series and Note series, ensuring that Samsung users can enjoy the same level of convenience and safety while driving. Additionally, it is compatible with a multitude of other Android models, making it a versatile and practical accessory for any driver.

In conclusion, the Climate Neutral Label by ClimatePartner certifies that the carbon footprint of a product has been carefully calculated and offset. By obtaining this certification, companies demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and contribute to the fight against climate change. Alongside this, we introduce a revolutionary phone holder for your car that offers easy adjustability, solid stability, and convenient one-handed operation. Compatible with a wide range of smartphone models, this phone holder is designed to enhance your driving experience while keeping you connected and safe on the road. Embrace sustainability and practicality with the Climate Neutral Label and this innovative phone holder – two powerful solutions for a better future.

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