Cyclist tragically killed on Julians Road in Wimborne, urgent need for cycle lane & pedestrian bridge

By | October 5, 2023



Death – Obituary News : A cyclist tragically died on Julians Road in Wimborne last night. Calls for a cycle lane and a pedestrian/cycle bridge have emerged urgently. Condolences were expressed to the family. [Source: Vikki Slade on Twitter]

Tragedy struck the quiet town of Wimborne last night as a cyclist lost their life on Julians Road. The news of this unfortunate incident has left the community in shock and mourning.

The cyclist’s identity has not yet been disclosed, but their untimely demise has sparked a call for urgent action to enhance the safety measures on the road. Local residents, led by councilor Vikki Slade, are advocating for the installation of a dedicated cycle lane and a lightweight pedestrian/cycle bridge on Julians Road, similar to the provisions on Oakley bridge. Such infrastructure would go a long way in preventing future accidents and ensuring the safety of cyclists and pedestrians who frequent the area.


The absence of a cycle lane on Julians Road has long been a concern for the community. The tragic incident has now amplified these concerns, with many lamenting the missed opportunity to prevent such a loss of life. It is a somber reminder of the need for improved cycling infrastructure throughout the town and beyond.

As the investigation into the incident unfolds, the thoughts and condolences of the community go out to the family of the deceased. Their grief is unimaginable, and the loss of their loved one serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety.

The legacy of the deceased, although yet to be fully known, will undoubtedly be one of bringing attention to the need for safer cycling routes in Wimborne. The incident has ignited a passionate conversation within the community about the urgent requirement for improved infrastructure to protect the lives of cyclists and pedestrians.

Local authorities have been urged to take immediate action and prioritize the implementation of a cycle lane and a lightweight pedestrian/cycle bridge on Julians Road. It is hoped that this tragic event will serve as a catalyst for change, ensuring that no more lives are lost on the town’s roads..


@VikkiSlade72 said So incredibly sad to hear about the death of a cyclist on Julians Road in Wimborne last night. This route needs a cycle lane and a lightweight pedestrian/cycle bridge URGENTLY as we have on Oakley bridge. Condolences to his family…