“Notable Figure Passes Away: Remembering the Life and Legacy of Lauri Carleton”

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death – Obituary News : Lauri Carleton, a 49-year-old woman from San Diego, California, tragically lost her life on August 16, 2023, when her husband, John Carleton, took her life before turning the gun on himself. This shocking incident has left their two teenage sons devastated and the community in mourning.

Lauri Carleton was a highly accomplished lawyer, specializing in family law and divorce cases, and was well-respected in her field. She was known for her fierce advocacy on behalf of her clients and her dedication to justice. Beyond her successful career, Lauri was a devoted wife and loving mother who cherished spending time with her family and friends.

John Carleton, 51, worked as a financial advisor at a local bank and was known for his friendly and helpful nature. He had a strong bond with his co-workers and customers, and he was a supportive husband who always praised Lauri’s achievements and supported her career aspirations. As a father, he was caring and involved in his sons’ lives, actively participating in their extracurricular activities.

The Carletons appeared to have a happy and stable marriage, residing in a beautiful home in a peaceful neighborhood where they were well-liked by their neighbors. Their two sons, aged 17 and 15, attended a private school and were actively engaged in various activities.

However, behind the facade of this seemingly perfect life, a dark secret was lurking. John Carleton had been involved in a year-long affair with another woman, as revealed in his suicide note. He expressed his deep love for his mistress and his desire to divorce Lauri to start a new life with her. Yet, he feared the potential consequences of such a decision, including the loss of his financial stability, reputation, and most importantly, his children.

John believed that Lauri would not agree to an amicable divorce and anticipated a bitter legal battle due to her legal skills and connections. He felt trapped and hopeless, fearing that he would be financially and emotionally ruined while losing access to his children. In his despair, he made the devastating decision to end his wife’s life and his own, hoping to spare their children from the pain of a bitter divorce. Though he expressed remorse in his suicide note, he believed his actions were the only way out of his perceived predicament.


Upon discovery of the bodies, the police found a handgun and the suicide note in the couple’s bedroom. Further evidence of John’s affair was also found on his phone and computer. The authorities ruled the case as a murder-suicide, leaving the family’s relatives in shock and disbelief.

The news of Lauri Carleton’s untimely death sent shockwaves through the legal community and the public alike. Many expressed their deep sorrow and sympathy for her family and friends. To honor her memory, a memorial service was held on August 20, 2023, at the San Diego Convention Center, drawing hundreds of attendees who paid their respects. In remembrance of Lauri’s legacy, her family established the Lauri Carleton Scholarship Fund, aimed at supporting young women pursuing careers in law.

Lauri Carleton’s tragic death is an immense loss for the legal profession and society as a whole. Her passion for justice, dedication to her clients, and unwavering love for her family leave a lasting impact on those who knew her. As the community mourns this heartbreaking loss, it is essential to remember the importance of seeking help and support during times of personal struggle, ensuring that no one feels trapped or hopeless in their circumstances.

Q: Who was Lauri Carleton?
A: Lauri Carleton was a 49-year-old woman from San Diego, California, who was tragically killed by her husband, John Carleton, on August 16, 2023. She was a highly accomplished lawyer specializing in family law and divorce cases.

Q: How did Lauri Carleton die?
A: Lauri Carleton died from multiple gunshot wounds inflicted by her husband, John Carleton, who then took his own life. The incident occurred in their bedroom while their two sons were not at home.

Q: What was the motive behind John Carleton’s actions?
A: John Carleton’s suicide note revealed that he had been involved in an affair for over a year and desired a divorce from Lauri. He feared the potential consequences, including financial loss, damage to his reputation, and losing custody of their children. In his despair, he believed that killing his wife and himself was the only solution to end their misery and spare their children from a bitter divorce.

Q: What were some of Lauri Carleton’s achievements?
A: Lauri Carleton graduated with honors from Harvard Law School and worked at a prestigious law firm in San Diego. She received several awards for her exceptional legal work, including the San Diego Bar Association’s Lawyer of the Year. She served as a role model and mentor for many young women pursuing careers in law.

Q: What is the Lauri Carleton Scholarship Fund?
A: The Lauri Carleton Scholarship Fund is a non-profit organization established by Lauri’s family after her tragic death. The fund aims to provide financial assistance and guidance to young women aspiring to pursue careers in law..

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